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Entry #3

The Samsara room

2014-06-01 21:25:47 by DeadZombiezXT28

So just finished the Samsara Room, another point and click but its not adventure its a puzzle solving ,thing, it was... ok, a 3.2, i'd say....

The story

You'r a ghost, i guess, and you wake up in this room, there are five things in it, a window padlocked, a dresser, a grandfather clock, and a phone, and a mirror. You have to search the room to find items that can open the window, the clock, and the secret, portal, maker, thing, i think, :|......anyway....when you use the secret portal maker thing and go through the hidden portal room place, you will be in the same room but things will be different...the rooms you will be in ,and the things you "are", are this...

1:Normal room-Regular guy

2:Underwater room-Reverse mermaid (Fish head)

3:Upside-down room-Gekko (No clue how a gekko means upside-down)

4:Big room-Catipllar (Everythings the same your just tiny)

5:No walls-A bird (no clue how a bird means no walls, maybe cause they can fly anywhere i dont know)

 All that point & click puzzle solving will lead you to "Enlightenment" and your just like, well that..., I just..., That was...., oh fuck it that was just easy.


But i still say it's worth a play and you should go and give it a look, but dont forget to...enjoy


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