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The Last Door

2014-06-01 18:07:08 by DeadZombiezXT28

So now im done with "The Last Door Chapter 2:Memories" and i must say, wow, 4.6 better than the first...

  The story

  After finding your friend Anthony hung in the attic his home you find a letter in his pocket telling you to return the boarding school where you both grew up, when you go there you find out it is now a place of recovery and worship, so like a hospital church, place, you go througout the halls you find places where there are, hopless nuns whom think they have no purpose, sisters kepping things from their brother, patients without the care they require, and a man who straight up lies in your face. With the addition of faster walking speed and dialouge you can find your way through puzzle solving and by using rewards for helping someone to help someone else. All this judt to try and remember what happened here until you uncover the truth beyond...The Last Door.


So if you havent played it already, id definetly recomend it, still point and click, still pixelated, still creepy, still awesome, and its not that hard to still...enjoy


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