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The Last Door

2014-06-01 00:31:38 by DeadZombiezXT28

So i just finished "The last door" and honestly, it was good i say 4.3 stars...

  The story

  At the begging of the game you are a man named "Anthony Beechwood" whom, has done things, and does something, which leads you to play his friend Jeremiah Devitt who searches the home of his friends to find answers behind the letter that Anthony sent him. While searching the house, stange things are uncovered and as you go through you will still be wondering "What's through that door?" "What was that noise?" "What's at the end of this dark hall way?" Until you find your way, and uncover the truth, behind "The last door"


  The style

  "The last door" is a good old fassioned "Point & Click  pixilated horror adevnture puzzle game, thing" that in the end turns to be like a 2-D point & click "Resident Evil" but no fighting, or god-awful voice acting. Along with the good old "Edge of you seat gameplay because your so sacred to find whats in the next room or around he corner" and some good jump scares, no, not the new "Sacry face and a loud scream to make you jump a bit" no, the orignal "Re-entering a room you just left to find a dead body on the floor with one loud sound of a low piano key making you start fliping shit cause your so scared"

So if you havent played it, i definetly recommend it and as you play, wear headphones turn out the lights and have a "Mr.Snuggles" hold when your get scared...and also remember to...enjoy




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